6 Things you should know before hiring a Photo Booth

"Not all Photo Booths are created equal"

So its your big event and you need a photo booth. You googled "photo booth" and you see a whole bunch of companies offering photo booth hire. How do you choose? Is it price, Is it service, Is it quality or is it Reliability that you are after? Well, consider the following 6 Key Points before making your decision:

1. Is this a Photo Booth hire Company - may seem obvious, but try and find out if this is the full time business of the operator or do they work a job during the week and then offer photo booth hire on the weekend to make some extra money. Needless to say, you want to be dealing with a company whose sole focus is Photo Booth Hire

2. Does the company employ casual staff to set up their photo booths - you may find that some companies have an owner in the office who knows a lot about photo booths, but then they employ casual labour to deliver and set up the photo booths. Now, these casual labourers might have experience and might do a good job, but they cannot possibly be as motivated or driven as the owner themselves or permanent employees of the company that you are dealing with.

3. Does the company deliver the photo booth in a hire vehicle or hatchback - some companies, who operate on a part time basis, might hire a van for the weekend in order to deliver your photo booth. If the company owns their own van, they are more serious about delivering a reliable service than merely obtaining a vehicle on a "need to deliver" basis.

4. What type of photo booths does the company offer - does the company merely supply the traditional photo booth (as they only own 1 or 2 of these) or do they offer a variety of photo booths of which they own many to make up their arsenal of attack. For example, do they offer the traditional photo booth with curtain? Do they offer an open booth with a stand alone backdrop? Do they offer a Mirror Booth with a flower wall, and do they offer a Gif booth for the ultimate social media experience? Check whats in their tank... One of our industry partners, Adept Photo Booths, offers all of these and more.

5. What does the company know about photography - in order to provide you with the highest quality image, a great deal of photographic knowledge must be employed. Do they take into account the lighting of the venue? Do they use a beauty dish to disperse the flash and prevent shadows? Do they use LED lighting (heaven forbid), and do they offer Green Screen technology to change the backgrounds on offer? If its a quality image you are after, make sure they know what they are talking about, and most important, make sure they know what they are doing!

6. and finally, Hows the level of service that you receive - is your enquiry taken seriously. Does the company answer your emails, texts, telephone calls immediately or are you left wondering if they still exist or not. Service expectations are now higher than ever before and if you are not taken care of at the enquiry stage, what chance is there of you been taken care of at the delivery stage.

So before booking your next photo booth, ask yourself who you would like to deal with, and if you need any further information, feel free to contact us on:

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