The Mirror Booth adds a new dimension to interaction, having fun and receiving high quality photos.  Guests are invited to "touch the screen" by neon spinning lights and custom animations.  The Mirror Booth will create gifs, boomerangs or simply take their photos using a DSLR Camera and Strobe light with beauty dish.  An LED spinning circle notifies guests where to look for perfect composition. After the photos are taken, guests have the option of using their finger to draw or write a message on the screen (in any colour they desire), they can select different templates for their photos, they can add emoji's and digital props, resize and move the digital props or simply move to the next step of printing their creation.  Guests receive a 4 x 6 print out and are amazed by the entire process.  Social media also available.  The options are endless.

Mirror Booth


  • Variety of Printed Backdrops (backdrops tab)

  • Unlimited Hours

  • Unlimited Prints (multiple copies available) 

  • Customised Photo Prints with messages & logos 

  • Leather Bound Guest Books with Glue and Gel Pens

  • USB or Link with all photos after event

  • Huge Variety of Modern Props

  • Rope Set and Bollards polished on site

  • Red Carpet Steam cleaned

  • Friendly Attendant and Social Media Sharing

Mirror Booth 1 EH Photo Booths.jpg
Mirror Booth 003.jpg
Mirror Booth 2 EH Photo Booths.jpg
NAN Mirror Booth Template .jpg
Mirror Booth 008.jpg